Tsunami Electric Shower Head Tree Honeycomb Bong

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  • € 179.99
  • Normale prijs € 194.99

Tsunami Premium is een Amerikaans merk opgericht in 2011 dat is begonnen met het produceren van premium elektronische sigaretten. Pas in 2016 bedachten ze hun eigen lijn verbazingwekkende glazen bongs.

Tsunami Glass werd geboren met een introductie van 21 modellen in meerdere kleuren en gemaakt van premium glas. Ze komen in unieke vormen met veel verschillende superieure filtratieontwerpen, sommige zelfs met meerdere percolators om het best mogelijke effect te krijgen.


  • Voor het roken van droog kruid
  • Vortex-tunnel
  • Bowl maat: 14 mm mannelijk
  • Meerdere verschillende percolators
  • Zachte smaakvolle hits

Extra informatie:

  • Materiaal: glas
  • Gewicht: 1,8 kg
  • Afmetingen: 16,5 cm x 47 cm x 14,1 cm
  • Kleur: Helder Amber
  • Hoogte: 40,5 cm / 20 "
  • Type schaal: 14 mm mannelijk


  • Tsunami Barrel Shower Head Drum Honeycomb Bong
  • Opmerking: Omwille van speciale verzendingsvereisten, is het mogelijk dat het 1-2 dagen langer duurt om dit product te verzenden.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simply Next Level

What a fantastic piece of glass this is. Intricate, well made and fascinating to watch being used. Leave it out and it soon becomes the topic of conversation because everyone’s eyes are drawn to it.

And then there’s the way it hits, and boy does it deliver. I think it’s secret is the way the smoke and water circulate and move through the piece, cooling and mellowing it to such an extent that it’s possible to hit HUGE bowls, still in one hit (as Bongs should be smoked anyway). The bowl that came with mine is large and holds a lot of Herb, but you can pretty much fill it right up and still hit it in one. It’s harsh of course, because of the quantity of Herb you’re hitting in one, but in any other piece you would cough for hours. With this piece it’s just about tolerable. Spend an evening hitting this piece with good quality Herb and you’re on another Planet, it’s really that good.

Then there’s the whole purchase and delivery experience from Puff Puff Palace, which really was flawless, shipping to me in the UK without issue.

So overall would I recommend this piece? I absolutely would. It’s a considered purchase sure, but one most wouldn’t regret.

And for me personally, just on the cusp of my one year Anniversary next Month, I’m still loving my Amber Electric Shower Head Tree Honeycomb Bong. It’s my daily driver but still hits me just as much if not more than when I first got it.


Stunning piece of glassware

This is easily the smoothest bong I have ever used! The hits are so clean and truly stress free. It fits very comfortably in your hands despite its large size and is very easy to clean. I don’t think I’ve used anything else since I purchased this a couple of months ago. Packaging was well done and discreet.