Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer Review 2022

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Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer Review 2022

The Mighty+ (Plus) by Storz & Bickel has been officially out for a while now and it’s fair to say it was more than an anticipated drop in the vaporizer industry and they sure made us wait for it.  

We at Puff Puff Palace have already done a video review on it, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already as our presenter Charlotte does a great job on the review.

The Original Mighty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel was initially released in 2014, making it a 7 year wait for vaping fans to get their hands on a better version of a vape which many already saw as the pinnacle of the portable vaping experience. 

So, the Mighty becomes the Mighty+ (Plus) and now let's get into this 2022 Review of the Mighty by taking a closer look.

Mighty vs Mighty+ differences

What upgrades did Storz & Bickel bring to the table with this new Mighty+ release?

Well, compared to its older brother, the younger, more powerful, sleeker Mighty+ now features USB-C charging – a very welcome change that many Mighty owners had been asking for, especially the ones that already saw the potential through their Crafty+

The next upgrade is also a very welcome one, this is a ceramic chamber.

As someone who has used a Mighty over the past few years, one of the only things I found not amazing with the Mighty is the stainless-steel chamber – over time some build-up of different things such as resin would get in there and it’s nearly impossible to remove.

Because of this reason, I quickly learned to use dosing capsules to keep everything clean, however, with The Mighty+ bowl being now upgraded to ceramic, I’ve really noticed a difference in how clean the chamber stays, even when putting the herb straight into the chamber without capsules, so big thumbs up to Storz & Bickel for this upgrade.

mighty+ plus

The Mighty+ (Plus) heating up time is now 60 seconds, a 30-second improvement on the original Mighty which took around 90 seconds to reach temp.

And keeping it battery related, Storz and Bickel also featured a supercharge feature in which the device can reach 80% battery in just 40minutes. My original Mighty takes around  120 minutes to fully charge, this will however only be available to you if you also purchase the USB-C supercharger that doesn’t come in the box to begin with.

The last addition and change to the original mighty were adding 2 fins to the back of the mighty+ unit making it be able to stay up when using the pick at the back (just like the original mighty used to), in my opinion, I just don’t understand how S&B cannot produce a design that allows the vape to stand up natively. 

What comes in the Mighty+ Box?

Surprisingly the box is smaller with the mighty+ than the original mighty and therefore it’s no surprise you get less things in the box. We no longer get our Storz & Bickel orange grinder or the capsule loader.

  • 1x Mighty+ Vaporizer
  • 1x USB-C Cable (Type C to Type A)
  • 3x Normal Screens (Small)
  • 3x Coarse Screens (Small)
  • 3x Base Seal Rings (Small)
  • 2x Concentrate Pads
  • 1x Dosing Capsule
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Manual

How to use the Mighty+ Vaporizer (Ease of use)

Something that you must absolutely love about the Mighty+ just like its predecessor is the ease of use. It’s extremely easy for anyone to use the Mighty+ and I mean anyone.

The device comes with a 3-button control, a power button, a temperature up, and a temperature down button – I've passed the Mighty+ to my mother before without saying anything, it was very easy for her to turn on and get it to the temperature she likes.

Press the side power button and it will automatically begin heating to your set temp. The LED screen will show the default temp, actual temp, and battery life remaining. Just wait for it to heat up and you’re ready to go. It’s as simple as that.

This is what I believe makes the Mighty+ one of the greatest portable vaporizers on the market, the ease of use combined with the performance, it’s simply incredible.

Dosing capsules are advised to use in my experience in order to micro dose and keep the device as clean as possible.

mighty+ stand


The Mighty+ (Plus) can reach temperatures from 40c to 210c (410f) and that’s honestly more than you will ever need to fully extract your material - I personally find that the Mighty+ does one of the best jobs in the game at extracting your materials evenly and I’ll get to the reason why in the next section.

Additionally, to being super easy to use and reach temperature in 60 seconds like previously mentioned, Storz & Bickel have also included a “Superboost” feature to the Mighty+ (plus) when it comes to the temperature. Simply triple-click on the power button for the Mighty+ to increase the temperature by 15C increments.

Vapour Quality and Cloud Size

Now it’s no surprise to anyone that’s ever owned a mighty or a Storz & Bickel product that the clouds these devices can produce are honestly incredible and the vapour quality is simply unmatched by many vaporizers on today’s market.

The reason for this vapour quality and cloud size is Storz & Bickel’s patented hybrid Convection-Conduction heating (mostly convection) this technology is what I believe made Storz&Bickel the big players they are in today's vaporizer industry.

The Mighty+ is just like all its other siblings when it comes to the departments of vapor quality and cloud size and that department is simply stellar. I mentioned earlier that the Mighty+ does  an amazing job at vaping and extracting your materials fully and evenly and this is because of that patented Storz&Bickel hybrid heating.

Quality of the Mighty+ (Plus)

Some physical changes were also made to the device in the manufacturing stage. Storz and Bickel inform us that new fins have been added at the back of the device in order to make it stay up.

The device is still made of that high end medical plastic material we are used to with the Mighty and the Crafty+, some people really find it a bitter pill to swallow paying on the high-end for a device and it’s a plastic, it has never bothered me personally as the performance just outshines everything else.

Storz & Bickel has claimed that the surface finish of the Mighty+ is also more scratch-resistant and to be honest I’ve noticed this from using it the past few months.

Battery Information ( Battery Life & USBC Charging)

The Mighty+ isn’t much of a change from the most recent edition of the original Mighty which already featured a very good actual vaping time making the longevity of the Mighty+ a great choice for longer outdoor experiences or just out and about all day.

Also, a minor increase in battery life with the Mighty+ has been added, I think this isn’t due to a battery upgrade but can be instead attributed to the smaller heating block which is also responsible for the faster heat up time.

Unfortunately, Storz&Bickel hasn’t listened to their fans when it came to one of the biggest suggestions the community had which was removable batteries, the Mighty+ still features an internal battery, and messing with or doing any modding will void your warranty so we don’t advise trying to get inside the unit.

However, we do have the addition of the USB-C charging port, which was another addition the Storz&Bickel community really wanted to see for the Mighty+

This makes it easier to keep the battery topped up even when on the go as it eliminates the need to bring along the bulky charger that was required to charge the original Mighty, a simple power bank could keep you going for days.

The negative is that it takes roughly 3-4 hours to fully charge the Mighty+ Vaporizer via a 2A 5V brick because it’s only charging at 15watts.

You will need to buy the USB-C Supercharger available from the Storz&Bickel website which charges the Mighty+ (Plus) to 80% in 40 minutes and has much faster charging overall. The Storz and Bickel USB-C supercharger can charge at 15v 3A which can charge the Mighty+ at 45watts.

USB-C charging is a nice feature, it’s going to take a lot longer to charge your Mighty+ if you don’t get the USB-C Supercharger or brick that can output higher charging specs.

mighty+ vaporizer review

Stealth & Portability

Whilst the mighty+(plus) might not be the most portable device in the world and probably won't fit in your front jean pocket, it’s still a portable device indeed and can easily be carried in a jacket pocket or just in your backpack.

The Crafty+ does a much better job at being portable, the wonderful Charlotte from here at Puff Puff Palace did a great job at explaining this, check out that detailed video Crafty+ review if you haven't already.

In terms of being discreet, it’s not the most discreet device out there – some might even say it looks like a futuristic spaceship. In my personal experience, no one really bats an eye when out and about with the Mighty+ or the original Mighty.

Mighty+ (Plus) Review Summary & Overall experience

The original Mighty vaporizer was already seen as possibly the best portable around, so Storz&Bickel didn’t really have to do a lot in terms of upgrades to make this device amazing.

I believe it took 7 years for us to see an upgrade because it was already such a good device ahead of its time it was honestly hard to improve on.

The Mighty+ is my daily driver and the Mighty used to be until it was retired to its younger brother. 

The Mighty+ simplicity, ease of use and vapour quality is what makes me and so many others go back to it time and time again. 

Sure, there might be quite the investment to be made when purchasing a Mighty+ but it will honestly pay itself back over time and you will thank yourself for choosing this device


The Mighty+ has great vapor quality, it’s easy to use, and is one of the most consistent vaporizers on the market today. You can load the chamber in any way, and you will get the same amazing consistent results 99% of the time. 

The Mighty Plus definitely has the slight edge vs the original Mighty. Many of the desired upgrades have been met, making this vape one of the best portable vaporizing experiences on the market with almost no messing around.

It just works. It does everything you could want from a portable vaporizer and is as reliable as a vape can be whilst giving unparalleled vapour quality we expect from the original Mighty. The Mighty+ is worth the upgrade.

If you are looking to get yourself a Mighty+ after reading this review then feel free to click here to get yours today, or if you're looking for a smaller version like the Crafty+ then you can also find that here, both available at Puff Puff Palace. If you're from the UK then you can find both products here.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out this review, we hope that you enjoyed it and we will see you in the next one!